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South Africa
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I Need Something 3D Printed

Ive asked a few people to 3D print these parts for me but the are taking to long to reply. So I'm not sure if they'll print it or not and i need these parts urgently .
These are the parts i need
The EZB v4 camera
The ultrasonic distance sensor
Here are the links

EZB v4 camera

the ultrasonic distance sensor

I only need the 3D printed shell for these 2 parts because they came in the developers kit and I'm afraid that if i put it on my robot these 2 parts will start rusting.Thats why i need the 3D printed shell so that the parts don't get damaged or rusted.
Many thanks:)


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South Africa
And would it be possible to put another clip on top of the camera because i want to have the camera underneath the sensor not above it
United Kingdom
Why would the board rust though? Technically it wouldn't be rust since rust is iron oxide and the pcb is copper and solder is tin based.
@Rich is right rust or corrosion isn't really an issue, I live in a humid and salty environment e.g. cars rust fast here. and I don't have a problem, in fact keeping electronics in a confined box unless hermetically sealed is not good either but if you are concerned about it you can use the little silica bead bags that come with some products in the cases there's plenty of room in most of the EZBits.
edit; they are also good in cold climates to combat condensation.
@Mohamed.r Even if it where you live is prone to things corroding (rust as you call it), the camera case would do little to protect it.... It would have to be air tight for it to prevent any kind of corrosion...
I assure you , the ezb can rust. Lol , I have had it happen. However I also did a video of how to clean the board after getting that one particularly nasty. As far as the Case goes and "air tight" a little silicon can remedy that. I'm just chiming in because the concept of corrosion is possible and I would hate for everyone to think this guy is crazy.:)
@mohammad, who did you ask to print by the way? I had someone else make a comment they tried to message me for 3d print but then I didn't get anything.
United Kingdom
If I recall correctly the corrosion was from the pin headers and had spread over the fibre glass pcb - fibre glass does not rust, what you were seeing there was the effects of a lot of condensation or water.

In the open the EZ-B will not rust from normal levels of humidity and condensation. In damp conditions there may be some level of corrosion on the components if they are untreated.

Unless the EZ-B is planned to be submerged in water or used close to water or areas of high condensation it will not be a problem. Just sealing the unit will not necessarily help as this will lead to other issues such as heat build up.
Yes the steel pins and two resistors rusted as well , so I had to desolder and replace two resistors. My situation was high humidity, in a room where I have a fishtank.
United Kingdom
@josh, the resistors on the V3 were through hole, therefore had steel leads on them. The EZ-B camera and the ping sensor have surface mount components, if the leads on these are steel (I don't know what they are) they are completely covered by solder which is tin based and therefore would be protected from oxidisation.

Yes, the V3 could rust in extreme circumstances (to be honest I would put that down to misuse, no electronics should be subjected to high humidity (or low for that matter). At the top end of the range, moisture may increase the conductivity of permeable insulators leading to malfunction. Too low humidity may make materials brittle. This is why most electronics have humidity ratings on them or in the datasheets.) but unless it's being used in those extreme circumstances regularly there should be no problem with corrosion. If it is to be used in extreme circumstances additional measures should be taken to minimise corrosion, much like a car which sits outside it's whole life, it's made of steel (well, most are), manufacturers take measures to avoid corrosion. Changing out components would be a better solution than sealing the unit.
South Africa
Guys i also want the ez bits so i can connect my camera to my sensor and thing like that which would be hard to do without the bits And Anthony i dont mind waiting a while for the psrts of not in a hurry so even if a have to wait 2 weeks i will becase i cant afford to pay 80$ for shipping .So can you please check for a cheaper shipping method that doesnt have to be very quick
Thanks guys for all the help
South Africa
Sorry anthony but 80$ isn't in my budget if any one else can print it with a cheap shipping please let me know
South Africa
Anthony a family member will be coming to LA in may how much would it cost to ship to LA
I live in Ontario Canada and I just shipped a bunch of 3d parts to Doombot in Houston, Texas for $11.00 Canadian....
South Africa
Anthony if I pay the 26$ will they deliver it to my family members hotel room or is the 14$ shipping only deliver to a post box. And how long will it take to reach LA
It will be more cost effective to purchase the Extension Cubes (3).

This is will solve your problem, cost much less and be high quality injection molded plastic...:)

South Africa
Thanks DJ but as you can see in the videothe extension cube is on the 3D Printed she'll of the camera and because I ordered the developers kit my camera did not come with a 3D printed she'll so the entire board is expose that's why I wanted the camera 3D printed shell and sensor shell. I also might consider buying an extension cube to connect the camera and sensor together.I asked Anthony a question in post 25 because Shipping to South Africa is very expensive and a family member will be coming to LA in May so I thought maybe Anthony could ship it to my family member
If you contact us, we can get you a shell for the camera.
South Africa
When I click on the link which page do I click after that becasue when I click technical assistance it takes me to the forum
@Mohamed.r Click on Warranty instead.... and then check the box at the bottom that states "I am not asking for technical assistance".... This will allow you to send an email to ez robot....
Also make sure you reference this thread in your email so EZ Robot will know what DJ said about getting you the camera case....
United Kingdom
Good recommendations! I like it! Could I post it on ufo3d.com ?