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I Like To See What Others Have As A Job Or Field

about me
well started in elecronics in age i think 6 taking apart my first a/c outlet,then latter on worked on radio reparing,then started to repair TV'S and other electronics,and got a small degree in tv repair,so i open my shop for a few years,then went to college (FSU)
AND got my electronic engineering degree,.then started working for electronic equipment company designing very high precision pcb ,in-house and final testers for 18 years
my field is mostly sensor testing,dc-dc converter circuits and precision AC/DC source (not a power supply) its used for calibrating meters,i got my biggest bonus ever $65,000 for a ultra high precision AC/DC source .001% specs and very pure sinewave
ROBOTS ? i guess was about 10 made a cardboard box robot,and they during work i guess 10 years ago started building robots
i work for many other companies repairing slot machines ,pinball machines,all types of appliances and just about anything electronic,including computer repair for best buy,
programming ? LISPWORKS very powerfull AI SOFTWARE,scripts,basic stamp,arduino
and working on learning C++

SO GUYS lets here about you all


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Hey RobotMaker,

I have been thinking about a Leaf bot. I tried to get it installed and function on my desktop prior to moving to a stand alone computer. I got it to a point where all installed and it says Hello I am Leaf but cannot seem to connect with mic etc.

Interested in giving me some pointers. My email is samantha.foy@gmail.com I have posted a few things on the board for group but no one seems to respond. Not like this great group here. One of the big things I like about EZ. The community ;o)
was it leaf ai group in yahoo,re you using a web cam ,yahoo group is better to answer questions
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/leaf_an_AI_robot/ fairly east to set up once a few minor changes made or using a different operating system,also need to train the microphone with a bould in windows program,plus need to ask the right question ,that always start with (leaf) then question "leaf this is bruce" or "leaf this is robin",latter on easy to change robin name to your name
aso need to install sapi and i think there is a small change for the new sapi (sapi is voice)
do you have windows xp pro or vista or windows 7
Yes it was a Leaf Yahoo group, one suggested from the site. It appears people are back around again. I just tried posting a new message.

I am running Windows 7. The directions specify that if you have 7 don't install the SAPI because it will mess up the preexisting SAPI. I did not try saying who I was. I was starting with Hello Leaf...

OK that's will see what they say.

Mine uses the SMD atmega328p-MU version, it is only 15x20mm in size so about 3 quarters of a square inch (i think).

Your arduino is cool, i also made one of those with DIP IC that is only a bit larger, sent it to Lloyd:D
@NIEK thats same i made also ,had a pcb company make the board ,tiny bigger double sided with usb
but found out not worth selling it to make any profit,to many others have it and selling cheap
are you using a webcam,second in windows 7 you need to place the files in the right folders,
and did you sign up and joined the yahoo club,cant post if you didnt
and in voice you need to train your voice
if still having a problem posting you can contact alex that set up the club at rbirac@cox.net he is the moderator
will be much easy to post message and get answers
@Niek & Robotmaker where did you get your boards made? I am looking to have one duplicated as a replacement. Spykee has a Wavestorm and I can't seem to find them anywhere.

I had my PCB's manufactured at Seeed studio's. Really good quality and price.

I bought the components from Mouser and hand-assembled them.
pcb company
problem they only make blank PCB like all pcb companies do
if you have a bad board,i may be able to fix it for you,surface mount is very hard ,but can see if ca n be done

this one is one of the cheapest in usa with free pcb making software
To be honest I am not sure if it's a bad board.

Long story short I got Spykee, had a Linux developer help me set up my machine to play with his files. At the end of it he told me ok here's your new firmware. PS. I did nothing to the file.
I was then like ok new firmware, so I sent it to him and he broke.

I ordered the Max232 RS232 adapter. Tried following these directions (note they might as well be written in Greek to me) but uboot does not load and he is talking jibberish.

Bad Firmware Instructions

The Spykee forum is just about dead, no one helps and they don't really respond.

Now my goal is to use spykee's base, get rid of the body, make my own. I'd like to add an ez-board.
@sfoy thats what i am looking to do ,buy the spykee,but since i have so many many robots to use EZB ,not looking to get one yet,DJ going to make much much money off me,so far bought 6 boards and looking to get another 6 and that doesnt come close to my robot builds
Check ebay. I got him for $43. He was missing an arm but then the lady found it and sent it anyway.

DJ said he hopes to add support for Spykee.

I was thinking about putting a mini itx in him, I got ideas to make a new body. His camera is terrible.
@SFOY PX10000G is a perfect board for him i have 4 of them,very tiny 1 ghz 1 gig ram ,works great with EZB and WEBCAM see it go for sometimes used $60 cost new $250,last one got for $90 and one just got sold for $50
Would he need to be fixed to use this? I'd like to be able to still control him etc.....

Probably way to big of a project for me :o)
@sfoy do you have spykee wifi ,or spykee ipod
i guess you have spykee wifi
also on LINUX it is very hard to use and install any drivers or firmware
took me a long time to get LINUX ROS software installed
Spykee Wifi but has bad firmware. Worked great before that.

Here's a great site that shows his insides.

Spykee Anatomy

Here's what I'd like to keep functioning. Motor control. Would be great to be able to use his IR auto parking feature. Also on the bottom he has these connectors that allow his internal battery to charge. Would be nice to use that too.
@sfoy i dont think it w ill be that hard to hack him.plenty of help for you here
main cpu is 200mhz 5 times faster then EZB cpu
but then is is running a operating system
check the page mostly only need the motor ,battery source and few other stuff
so dont think it will be to hard to hack,EZB has some sensor can add to him
just need a dremel tool and hot glue(boy i hate that stuff)
like using hardware to mount sensor and stuff ,more professional
i dont think i ever saw anyone except the members in this forum use in on thier robots
but does make easy fast design
I feel my job as it relates to EZ-B is to foster ideas, teamwork and camaraderie in the EZ-B community. The audience here ranges from very young to very old. There is no need to say what I equipment I've worked on or how many years. If I can help someone I will but I will do so in a humble manner and not come off like I'm bragging about what I've done in the past.
this post i put up is for to tell about your self and jobs to help others on ezb forum,not about bragging

if you read other say in the post you will see same thing ,they tell about them self some started at 4 years of age and and what field they are in
thats main reason of this post i made to tell about your self
and field you are in,also to find out if anyone is a programmer,electronics designer or machinest, or others
like i am not much into programming or documenting or art like SFOY,so buy finding each other talents to can better understand what others can do

my help is always free,and same in designing circuits for anyone is free
United Kingdom
@sfoy thats a great Spykee Anatomy site thanks
Yeah, there's a few spykee sites but they are not active. It's too bad. Spykee has potential.