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I Got More Of My Machine Bench Tools In

radial arm saw for plastics and angle iron
but the main item for this post is a low cost milling machine that came in,all you need is a drill press and this proxxon 27100 micro compound table ,mostly its a precision X-Y table the reviews are super good.
And can easy make a CNC machine with it ,low cost on amazon $102.50 and shipping free,looking to get 2 more

here is just one review
I recommend this for the home shop needing a compound slide if you need the capability of milling plastic. It may look like a toy, but it handles the job accurately
many many others say the same

proxxon 27100 compound table


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Thanks for the tip Robotmaker. One can barely purchase a drill for that price!
can be used on any drill press,and getting 2 more
one using on my dremel drill stand