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Asked — Edited

I Got A Great Idea For A Great Module Or Interface To Ezb

DJ i am working on a IR interface board to send codes to robosapien and other robots using IR codes

So here is the idea can a script be made to has us put on our own IR CODESA
This not only can it control and robot with IR but and TV or stereo or X10 the list is enless.

On getting IR codes you need a USB-UIRT and a free software and a remote from the robot or A/V equipment and using the learn mode it has.

Other i dont know if EZB can do this using a IR receiver to data input pin and learn the code from the remote.

and when i make the board one is free to you DJ


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How in Gods name is that possible? So we're talking about a robot using a remote control, or is the remote control, right?
You can receive IR on the ez-b using the module located under the i2c category

You can send IR using a ttl/ir transmitter. Use the ez script command SendSerial()
Thats not the problem DJ,having a script to add the IR codes its a long numbers and letters

Second i making the board a lot cheaper then one you can but made with I2C

Looking at under $6 and uses the same pin D0 pin you are using to control robosapiens and others

On using the BV4615 how do you get the IR code using I2C script in a learning mode

it looks high cost BV4615 but if we can learn the codes from a remote it would be great
@DJ did you see this on that BV4615 you have as a interface to EZB
This device will ONLY work with a remote that outputs the RC-5 protocol ,so not all remotes will work

And a lot of robot remotes use a carrier frequency at 39 khz and 40 khz
like i found out using a scope on the receiver on robosapien models

I havent tested the USB-UIRT on robosapien,but does work on every remote i have and i have over 20
i have 3 large screen tv's each with its one sound system,dvd player ,and many other A/V equipment

Also i just got my parts in for my IR transmitter and does have a pin to select both 39khz and 40 khz.

So once i finish the design and test it using EZB with robosapien (i love that robot) have 7 of them ,i will send you a board for free,since you are a good guy
i everybody. if i understand, it is possible to say : "ez-b, SWITCH on the televison on the 55 Chanel" and the ir codes to m'y TV, amplifier and satellite receiver are send with Only a port on the ez-b bord ?

i CAN capture ir codes and havé the fréquency and hexadécimal codes from the remote captured frames with an RTI capture card (i CAN't see hexa codes with crestron ir capture card) ( scuzes for my english, my ipad whant to correct my words in french systematiclly). hé, DJ, if you are canadien, you speek french ?

my ez-b board is named ez-jarvis (iron Man). may be one Day, i Will contrôl my house like Tony stark ( with hélp of lot of ez-b). à+++