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Asked — Edited

I Don't Know How To Word This. But Would Like To Know If It Is Possible.


I have one EZBuilder setup on EZB that does all of the RSS.
I have a second set that does Navigation.
I have a third set that is kind of like a ChatBot.

When I try to operate all of these together at one time in one script, it gets so sluggish that the mouse sort of freezes while it does say a video tracking, or radar scan, etc. then it comes back.

Is there a way for me to start off and let it be in the navigation mode, then switch to the RSS when I need it to. Then go back to the Navigation mode. And, when I want to use the chat mode, the robot and I can chat.

Each program loads up a sizable amount of data into the memory to make it sluggish.

I would like to call a "subroutine" type program and close it, erase it from memory while I load the second or third subroutine. But, yet be able to jump from one section to the other.

Hope I have made my request clear. i don't know how to put this into words. But, I know that I am in the right section because I am talking about EZbuilder.

I have called scripts that are all part of the one EZB script. But, I would like to go beyond that from the outside of the script.

Maybe this is not possible or feasable. If I cannot do this, I will accept what I cannot change.

I am working with a dual core atom cpu notebook. An Acer brand new with win7.

Thanks in advance,




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What you're asking is possible:) You'll have to look at your project and see what you can combine. I'm developing and creating tutorials to progress the project. If there were two of me, i'd totally help you build your robot:D

In the meantime, i continue to provide more and more features to keep you busy! haha
OK, my friend. When you have time. Thanks for the reply.