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Asked — Edited
Resolved Resolved by edison2!

I Can Not See My Omni-3000 Project

Hey guys, I have a problem to display the project "My Omni-3000 project" Mr. aameralis in ez-robot page.
When I open your project appears an error message:
internet explorer not responding
I think it is related to the large number of images that appear on the first page of the project but not sure
Also I've tried from another laptop and I can not open it (core i3 6gb ram)
Surely the answer is simple, but I'm lost and I would like to follow that thread.
Anyone else experiencing this bug or have a solution?
Thanks in advance


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Try with another internet explorer like Chrome or Mozilla...:) IE of microsoft always has problems..
Thanks Edison2, I installed chrome and now it works fine
Supposed that the answer was simple but as we say here:
It is not a screw tightening
Rather it is to know that you have to tighten screw
Gracias amigo
United Kingdom
I've been unable to view that topic at work for weeks, I guess due to the number of photos and videos
Would it be possible for the author of the posts on page one to edit or delete the media?