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I Am Also Looking For An Omnibot2000

I just missed the bid on one and the rest are really expensive. I was 2 secs away from winning the bid.

It has to be affordable for a Senior Citizen on a fixed income.


Mel :)

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OOoops! I posted in the wrong place.



THEY seem to be hard to find, i have but using them both sorry MEL But they might come up again on ebay dont give up


Thanks, Fred. I missed the bid by 2 secs and $3. Sad.:(

Thanks for your support! ;)


NEVER yet seen a omnibot 2000 go for $3 and there are a lot of guys on this forum looking to get one

MOST common price on omnibot 2000 used is $100 plus shipping ,once in awhile can get one for $70 like i did.


No, Fred, I mean that the bidder paid only $3 than me faster than me. I was still biding but the time ran out.


I would gladly pay a hundred and more for one.


What if I give you $200 for one of them ? It would HAVE to be the Omnibot 2000. And you make a good profit provided that it is complete with hopefully a good battery. And pickup another one later on ebay for yourself? You would still have the other one. What 'da 'ya say?



may be,only its all apart will all the parts in good condition,thats how i got it

THE other one has too many pieces cut and modify


I think the arms are together ,so thats easy,and if using a EZB in it its all apart and ready for you changes.


I will try a little longer and if I don't find one assembled, I could buy that from you, Ok? I just want to make sure that it is all there.


good news i could may be put it back together,would like to keep it,but can buy another one when ready for it.


That is nice.

I have also found one that is immaculate and white. It has the tray and there is no wear on the tires. You understand.

But, there are eight people trying to purchase this at once. The price is just a little bit higher. But, It will probably go out of my range considering the shape that it is in.

Pix would be nice if you could post them. I expect it has a lot of yellow from the sun.

Thank You Fred, for trying to help me out. I would like to see pictures of it all apart , too. I'd like to see it. Just between you and I, I don't think that I will win this bright and fancy one. But, I have to try.




Hey Fred,

I was wondering if the robot was bright or Yellowed from the Sun. I sure would like to see it.

I think it has most yellowing like all the other omnibots 2000 has,unless its new


Hey Fred!

I got lucky and found one that was white and like new. It was a little more, but I got the tray and remote.


Thats great,i had plans for my other one i bought,i mostly look at a very low cost on omnibot 2000 or others SO my robot design doesn't cost much.

MY omnibot 2000 project is getting near $500 and still not done,as most of my robots its near $500 with EZB ,servo,computer, and display and more.


You will probably be able to sell the remote on eBay- that way, youll get something between 45 - 75 bucks back in. Should make it all up for your big purchase. If you plan on getting rid of the gears and motors (arm + head) let me know! =) I am always happy to have spares. Mike


Will do. Right now I need to find another set of arms. Even if the grippers are broken.

I have spent all of my July Money. It will be August before I have some more robot money.


THAT might be hard,but there is a lady that strips down omnibot parts and sells them on ebay.


I am also looking to buy an Omnibot 2000.

United Kingdom

Join the club. They have not been on ebay UK for months now other than a mint condition, never used, still in both boxes one which is £900 (roughly $1400). As tempting as it is, it would be a shame to rip it apart.

Patience is a virtue or whatever they say. I know of a few that people have tried to sell but I haven't seen on ebay so guessing they may show up soon.


MEL just got on ebay,i dont think he paid much for it.

REX wish i had mine to sell to you ,but using both of them,plus looking to buy another in near mint condition


Fred, I found the old robot site. But, I did not find that lady who sold parts. All I can find is sensors, batteries and stuff. Not arms or head or stuff like that. I just need the Lower arm plastics.


Hooray! I finally got one!

I still need the Lower plastic on both of the arms.