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Humanoid Robot 90Cm Height

Hi all

I am interested to buy/build a robot for a personal project. I am looking for a humanoid robot that I am able to program it with the following specs.

  1. Two legs and can walk (>10 cm/s)
  2. Carry something (If I ordered it to grab something) (<1 kg item, and walk in flat surface, not flat surfaces,or stairs) (Can pickup anything <1kg from a height <1m)
  3. Flexible fingers and hands, and move them flexibly such as up/down lateral etc.
  4. Having height > 90 cm.
  5. Use open source (commercial) softwares (such as Python, C++, C#, Java etc) if possible for programming. I am also fine to use other softwares if available like the one in ezrobot.
  6. Can be monitored from desktop/laptop

I do not need the robot to have an Artificial Intelligence capability(I am fine if it has some AI although not required)

I like the robot designed at ezrobot (i.e., EZ-B v4/2 Developer Kit). But, the dimension is very small.

I have seen a robot Robobuilder UXA-90 Humanoid Robot who can likely satisfy my needs. However, it looks that the cost is extremely expensive (around 20k CAD).

I would appreciate to let me know any other possibilities in the range of 1000 CAD (DIY EZ-B v4/2 Developer Kit is also fine for me) .

Please note that I may order more in case if my project is successful.

Thank you.


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Hi ptp

Thank you for the immediate reply. I am new to robot. My research expertise is Wireless and Software programming.

In fact, I need the robot for home application where all the servos could be run by connecting the robot to the plugin socket if that is feasible and in case battery capacity is an issue. What I am thinking to do is to order the robot to bring something for me (for example, a cup of milk from the Fridge): I think there are two possibilities for this:

  1. Receive a voice command (i.e., AI or NLP understanding, and image recognition (to avoid possible obstacles) capability which I believe is complex).
  2. I will control the robot from my desktop so that it will walk to the Fridge and open the Refrigerator door and bring the milk for me. In this case, I do not need the robot to have image recognition, NLP or AI capability. I believe this is much easier and less complex.

I am thinking to implement the second possibility that is the reason why I look for a reasonable size robot with flexible hand and is able to walk.

One intuitive way is that the robot will use a fixed size basket to carry anything. And use the robot body as a remotely controlled flexible height bar.

Any technical solution for my need is very much appreciated, especially to get a DIY robot in affordable price, and are easily be programmed by non-experts like me (with few lines of codes).