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United Kingdom
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Here's a really great idea that's available from a US and UK suppliers cant imagine why I haven't stumbled across it before

HUB-ee wheels they are small wheel hubs that contain an integrated motor, gear sensor and motor driver details here

Makes them easy to mount and hack impressive


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A little costly yes Lumpy but no space needed on the base, already have an opto to count turn, no need for a motor drive... I think for a little robot it can be interresting. More, the tyre can be remove to use track unstead. For myself I am happy winstn60 has show it to me.
United Kingdom
Its certainly a neat design and hitting the right price point is key I guess. One thing I've noticed in the last 2-3 years is as the robotics hobby grows so does the cost.

The more great technology I see the more I want ))