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Html Error

I doubt it will make any difference, but when I looked at the 'EZ-Office' page source to find out what script you use for refreshing I found a little typo in the code.

At line 17, it says


<script language="javakscript" type="text/javascript">

The type is correct, but the language should be without the 'k'. I think most browsers will interpret the code just fine, but I thought I'd give you guys a heads up on it.



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United Kingdom
Niek, your code tags didn't work... but I'm sure they can see what you're on about by looking at the line number.

If you want to get picky, there are a lot more errors than just that one but most are only a problem in very old browsers, the code is actually a lot better than some I've had to work with in the past (there's nothing worse than taking over a site built by someone who thinks he knows what he is doing). But then, this is where my OCD comes in to play.
The code tags are fixed now.

I know what you mean, I purchased the code from a friend of mine who had developed a PHP CMS for his website. I couldn't understand anything of his code, because it was extremely messy and he hadn't provided it with any comments so I ended up starting from scratch and building my own. Though my code probably also contains some errors, it works and is much more understandable (for me at least :D).