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How To Get Decimal Value As Speech Recognition

On a different note what would you recommend to do for speech recognition for expected phases that is not an integer. Is it possible to change 1-10 by 1  to  by .1  or .01 which would give it a tenfold/hundredfold increase in resolution. Wouldn't it be also possible to just have speech recognition just take your number reply and put that into a variable. Once it is a variable number just manipulate it as needed to make it a distance. Go (78.68 inches) left -12589 ticks.


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*Note: We have moved your question into a new thread because it was unrelated to the previous thread. 

You can use the Blockly block "Wait for speech range" and divide the response by 10 or 100, depending on the number of decimal places you require.

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There's always a way, just have to understand how the computer processes it