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Asked — Edited


How do you delete controls or duplicate controls out of ez builder?

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I would like to see a screenshot of the folder I asked about. I’m curious how there could be duplicate plugin folders with the same name. Plugins live in their own folder by the guid and therefore can’t exist twice. 

Even uninstalling won’t make files duplicate with the same name.
this is the second time I am sending it

User-inserted image
#12   — Edited
Perfect, that’s the image I need to see. 

I don’t see any duplicate guid folders in there. Are you still getting duplicate entries in EZ-Builder? 

How did you clear the other duplicates? What process did you take? 

The only way a duplicate could could exist is if files were copied into another folder. Have you ever copied anything into that folder before?
I have been checking all folders for duplicate files, will let you know, thanks

you could close EZ-Builder and delete the plugin folder. Then download the plugins and install them again
sounds good, thanks