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How Would I Create A Simple Data Base

If I wanted Marti to "Remember" where she has been and what obsticals she has run into, how would I create a simple data base in EZ-Script. It doesn't have to be a large database, just a simple read/write to a file, etc. Of course if it could hold more information, it would be better. Is there a Function for that? I mean a Simple way?
When working with A.I. , a database is Very Important.


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VB or C#. Scripting can do file io for very simple records or can do odbc to a real database (sql server express is free and just as capable as the professional version except for database size and number of clients).


I was hoping that D.J. could add a Function without too much trouble that would do it.

But, I could resort to that. I am just not too good at this.
Yeah. Vb was super easy in vb6 and below. . Net added a lot of complexity and I still haven't wrapped my head around it completely. I have decided to just learn c# since I also want to learn Java and they are supposed to be more similar to each other.
And just like that, DJ has added file write functions in EZ Script in today's update.