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How To Wire Up A Robot

here are some ideas to have less problems with you robot one is try to keep signal wires seperate from power wires.if you cant then twist the power wires to blocks the EDDY currents

another is use SPG (single point ground) witch is all grounds go to a center point or screw

if you looking at why your board sometime resets or other problems,(unstable readings) this might be the cause of it been wiring boards for over 25 years,from slot an pinball machines,very precision equipment ,plus robots

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Some may understand what your talking about but some "like myself" would agree with Johnny 5. Need More Input!!!!


@sfoy ,i see you like johnny five my favorate of all my robots working on building a full size full detail design

on wiring you keep all analog and digitals together on one side and power wires on the other side of the robot if not you can twist the red and black power wires together


Oooo I would love to see the full one. He is awesome and probably what first attracted me to robots.

Ok so I get keeping them separate. I thought that would kind of be a give in.


its my biggest yet project ever i started to get parts together little at a time ,plans comming out soon ,hoping by 2013 for SHORT CIRCUIT 3 movie here is the website for plans


also bought the johnny 5 movie prop thats wooden ,full size and detail but made from wood and paint and other stuff


There's going to be a part 3? OOOOOoooooo I can't wait for that one.

I will keep checking on them. I couldn't hope to accomplish something like that. Way beyond my capabilities.

I am currently working on a non-traditional robot. He's going to be a Minion like from Despicable Me.


A "Minion" robot? You receive +10*cool* points, sfoy!:D


JT ty! :o)

Oh wait until you see him. It actually looks like one. I used cloth and liquid latex as the outside skin so that he moves with the camera. I'll work on posting my project soon.


yea, looks like a cool robot hack,if you need any help on it,i can do


i guess you are making one eye stewart minion


Something like that. I had to make some modifications but here was the first draft. Only pic I have here with me. User-inserted image


Lol back to wiring. The best way to organize a bag of 1000 zipties , run signal wires together but do not twist them. You can buy multi conductor stranded wire that's for.servos/sensors by the roll cheap. Run your wires keeping.them tight together , ziptie every 4 inches ( but.every 8 fine.temporary until you have the placement perfect) power wires should now be within a inch of a signal wire AMD you should stick the.end of your power wires in a drill , tightened to.chuck down and used the twist the power and ground wires. Twisting power and ground creates capacitance that muffles electronic.interference. for power and ground use barrier strips /distro boxes. They insure great connections and easier to trouble shoot.problems.


Yes back to wiring. This is more how to organize. I thought this was going to be about actually how to wire something. Ex.

I have 2.5 Amp Motor Controller, EZ-Board and MP3 trigger. I would like to figure out a way to wire them all up to say a 12v battery.

Sorry I am semi technical, can follow directions but I am new to electronics in general.


zip ties is all i use at work and my robots,and speaking of using a drill to twist wires i made a programable wire twister at work grounds should always to tied at one point like a screw terminal ,thats what called SPG single point gound also instead of using zip ties,i use spiral wrap tubing,makes it nice and neat

@jstarne twisting wires not always great idea best always is to seperate the the power wires

@sfoy since you have only a 2.5 amp controller ,you can twist the power wires together and same with MP3 trigger what 2.5 amp motor controller are you using,second you will need a dc-dc step down circuit since i dont know if you can build a simple circuit here is one that will work ,12 volt in 7.5 volts out

dc-dc step down converter its about $3.55 from china screw terminals pretty easy to use 12 volt and then adjust for 7.5 output and 2 amp fuse inline with the battery ,i bought 30 of them ,great dc-dc converters super easy to use and adjust


I purchased the 2.5 amp controller from EZ. I never even heard of a step down circuit. OK. Now I am technical enough where I can follow a schematic. (I took a make workshop and successfully built a tv b gone) hahahahaha.

Now do I need this step down thing because of the voltage of the battery? Would it be easier to use a lower voltage batt?

Sorry newbie

Thank you!


you can use a RC 7.4 BATTERY or use the battery box that came with the EZB


That would be enough power to power everything?


yes,deping on the motors you are using should get 2 hours,can use 2 in parallel ,red to red black to black on the battery


The base I am using has to dc motors. They are pretty small. Here's more details on my robot.

I have two servos for arms and only one for head. With the design it's really only pan adding tilt didn't work out so well. I wanted to keep it simple for first one.

Also have amp controller and mp3 trigger but that's it.


that would cover it ok,maybe 2 hours of use,may be more you only need just the battery pack that comes with EZB


Awesome.... that makes it easier. Thank you thank you!