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How To Tell Different Model On Vuzix 920 Glasses

DJ i guess this is for you,i got mine in and want to make shore its the righ model #392TOOO11 is that the same model you have 920 VR go to vuzix website is has the box it came both boxes look the same and both have vga port you can get for it


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Actually the model I think that DJ has is #329T00021, the box say's Vuzix Wrap VR Bundle, which comes with the wrap vga adapter, and the wrap tracker 6tc.
The model you have does not have the tracker unit or the vga adapter
Mine has the VGA ADAPTER ,but no tracker

the front of the box on #329T00021 says VIZUX wrap 920,EBAY HAD a few
one i got from ebay it said it was 920 VR bundle,sent a email to him just to make shore it WAS A 920 VR

i just woulder if it is

i dont think the tracker is needed
The Tracker is only needed if you want to control say a pan/tilt head with the EZ-B
mmm,doest say on the site or video DJ made that the tracker is needed to control the head
ONLY need 920VR model
from what i found out you can buy only 920VR with vga and can buy with tracker,2 different types of 920VR models

charleybot do you have the model with the tracker and have you tried to control the servo's without the tracker
yes i just found that out,just now,i think DJ needs to update his info so others wont buy the wrong one,i got mine for about $200 and asked for a $30 credit to buy the tracker
i see others are selling for $350 lowest price now
Yeah, that tracker unit is not cheap, and I think it's still used in the newer Vuzix units as well.
mostly likely i got a real good deal $170 shipped with $30 off plus $100 total paid $270
a lot better then $350 and up
I can't argue there, I paid $325.00 shipped when I purchased mine last year.
Every control has a question mark next to the close button. When you press the question mark, you are directed to a tutorial page for that control. The direct link for the vuzix augmented reality glasses is here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=166

The description specifies the VR version, which includes the accelerometer tracker. If you purchased an item labelled VR and did not get the tracker, you will need to contact the seller of your glasses. We do not sell the glasses, nor are we responsible for glasses you purchased from eBay.:) However, we try to provide as much detail as possible to help you make the correct purchase.
I got part of my money back,since it said it was 920VR and was missing the part,and i ordered it for $100 ,and got a good deal
DJ cant wait to try the tracker,and was able to make the the glasses wireless ,i hope tracker also can work wireless too,wont know till i get it and try it
Vuzix iWear VR920 specifies that it has Built-in 3 degree of freedom head-tracker, but the Vuzix 920 VR Bundle, the one @DJ uses, specifies Head tracking for up to 6 degrees of freedom... What is the difference? Does the iWear version work out for us for complete head tracking?