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How To Make Robot To Go To Its Respective Url After Detecting Glyph Graph ?

My robot is able to detect glyph graph and converts it into augmented image. Now i want to make it launch every glyph's respective website after robot does augmentation. Is it possible to do? Please help. I just have 2 days to do my Final Presentation.


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hey, no cheating if this is for your exam:)

But here is something to start for you...

  1. load ARC

  2. add a camera and activate it

  3. press the GEAR icon on the camera to access the CONFIG menu

  4. the config menu will open, press the SCRIPTS tab

  5. press the GLYPH tab

  6. there is a script for each glyph that is detected

  7. edit the specific glyph code

The command for loading a webpage is in the manual. You can find it by searching:) I don't want to help you cheat for school:D

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I have done it earlier b4 i posted this thread. I can only do augmentation. Btw, all ppl r not doing the same project as me i.e. they r not doing robot. This is my own idea.


Did you find the command to open url?


DJ Sures, I have done it myself. The mistake i did was i put Browser("$GlyphURL") . The correction is i removed the hyphens. Works Like a Freaking Charm, Man!:D