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How To Make A Original Robot Like Ardunio

I made my original Robot use by Ardunio ,

in case of Ardunio progrming language is C Llike language .

if i make my original robot use EZ-B v4/2 . After setting io port and Analog input difinition, i have to write EZ-Script or Blocky ?
After pow on , How to Start program automatically
Please give me some advice.


Upgrade to ARC Pro

ARC Pro is your passport to a world of endless possibilities in robot programming, waiting for you to explore.



You can use EZ-Script, Blocky, or Robostratch right away before you setup any ports. It is your choice.

Please see the Learn section, and then select any robot and follow the activities starting at Beginner level. The activities will be geared toward other robots but the concepts will be similar.


Thank you very much for quickly answer. Now I am waiting for arriving the Robot kit of Roli Rover after I get it I will check all function and Do What
I think . Thank you very much