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How To Make A Low Cost 7.2 V Rechargeable Battery Pack

parts needed ,5 cell holder that comes with EZB,6 1.2 V 3000 MA ni-cad rechargeable batteries and 1 cell AA BATTERY HOLDER connected in series ,then some black tape to wrap all up in a row and no metal showing cost under $14 plus have enough stuff left to make another one

single cell aa battery holder also instead of this holder can solder wires to battery,need to make contacts ruff with a file

16 aa 3000 ma rechargeable battery also all you need is 12 to make 2 packs so 12 little cheaper


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looks high cost,if any cells goes bad cant fix it

also i think i heard that DJ said that ni-cads wont last as energizer batteries,main reason is enenegizer battery is 1.5 volts and 5 holder battery back = 7.5v on rechargeable batteries you need 6 of them to give you 7.2 volts,most energizers at rated about 2000 to 2500 ma on ni-cads can get 3000ma the link on ebay for 16 ni-cads are $9.39 and single aa cell holder is 5 for about $5.50 postage included,i think 12 ni-cads about about $8