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How To Cut Plastic Without Melting It

here is a idea kinda close to what they use at factory ,like where i work and desgign using platics,sensor and more for in-house tester
what i made i took a old wet saw and replace the blade with a stainless steel fine tooth blade
and made shore plenty of water is inside the machine,can also make your own too
go very slow cut stop and go again,cuts a very smooth cut
hard to do with a dremel,but can be done using like a water spray on blade and long extension cable that comes with most dremel kits


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Interesting... have a pic?
i have it work,but i have another wet saw looking to change it over to have at home for my projects

easy way to make one is get a plastic box with a plate with a slot for blade and place a saw blade half way in the water

will see about getting a photo up the designs