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i tried to contact who ever over the Contact Us form twice and no response its been over a week so i'm posting this here in hopes that you can contact me.
i have a problem with my shipment the camera i revived was damaged the antenna cover is crack and the camera was out of its housing in the box (maybe it was a return item). please contact me


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@Dustin, did you receive a Confirmation email after using the Contact Us form? If no, please follow the directions that were on the screen after pressing the SUBMIT button. They instruct you to verify you have received the confirmation email by checking you JUNK/SPAM folder. We use a contact management system, ALL Contact Us are replied to - It's someone's full time job.

Check your junk mail folder and the issue will be resolved:)

The area cut for the camera in the box is the exact size of the camera. I do not know how it could have come apart in the box, unless it was opened by Customs Agency and "inspected". Please provide photos in your email conversation with Alan to demonstrate this. It's not that I don't want to beleive you, it's just a bit difficult considering the box is a laser cut foam sized for each piece individually. We'll sort it out:)
Please watch this video if you are having trouble using the camera

ok will d and there was no foam in the box just the camara and a bag
What product did you purchase? An EZ-Robot Camera alone? Or the EZ-Robot Complete Kit?
Great video @DJ I have been searching for info on these cams but it has been hard to track down solid details, just sales stuff. Your new video is informative and beneficial, Thanks!:D
I have used the Contact Us link and did get e-mail back but still no response back my order has gotten lost there was never any tracking information. I placed my order 10/1/2012. I guess I'll try and stop payment. Hope the rest of you have better luck than I did.
Itdept, check you junk mail folder. The message after you Contact Us states to check your folder. If your package was "lost", it requires a signature - so that's easily traceable. We can resolve it if you check your junk mail folder and continue to conversation with the ez-robot representative, who most likely Alan:)
I have already received the e-mail from the spam folder but it does not have any information on how to contact you. How do I contact Alan?
Thanks for responding
There is a link to Contact Us at the bottom of the webpage, or by clicking on the highlighted words in this message. You will receive a confirmation that your message has been received. You will be instructed to check your junk/spam folder to ensure you have unblocked EZ-ROBOT.COM

Our contact management system organizes all contacts by date. Your message will be replied to in order of all received messages:)