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How Can I Connect Leds In Ez-Robot?

I am finishing my project! but i think that my robot is to dark... I want to use some leds..
but I dont know how to use leds with ez-board??? the leds use 0.5v... and i want o turn of or turn on with Ez-Software...??



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I did this!... but when I tried to turn off the leds.... the leds didnt turn off... the LEDs are always lit... ???help me please.,.??
mm!.. but the GND with positive or negative cable??? and the ext with negative or positive cable?? Thanks

just use a three wire Peripheral Cable, with the other end connected to the EZ-B
gnd is gnd which i guess negative: positive[ext] goes to the anode , gnd[negative] to the cathode
Thanks a lot!!! is this week i will be finishing my project!! thanks @orwnic82 and @GotRobbed !!!
no prob have fun finishing and enjoy the light show