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Hi Im Phoebe

Hi everyone,

As you probably already know I'm Rich's daughter Phoebe that is building a Wall-e with my dad.

I reckon wall-e is awesome because he's cute, funny and is the best robot ever! Here's a few thing about me: I'm 9 years old, I go to Lower Plenty Primary School, I'm in grade four, I enjoy making stuff and I reckon my dad is awesome because he's is allway buiding me stuff and now is building me a Wall-e robot.

Yesterday dad and I went to the hardware store for some more stuff for Wall-e my and dad got me protective glasses for in his workshop as it was the fist time i have worked in my dad's workshop I have learnt how to sand, how to hand plane and how to dint wood. My dad used to be a carpenter but now he sell's radio control stuff and fixes it for custumers He has a really cool workshop. My dad got me a plastic remote controll wall-e to keep my ocupied because the Wall-e we are making is going to take a long time to make but we also use it to get sizes and details off it. Yesterday when we thought we finished Wall-e's body dad thought he was done with the woodwork I relised Wall-e had to have a handle on his back. We are trying to make Wall-e do as much as we can. Today I'm making pretty much all by myself a miniture Wall-e with his eyes pocking out a bit and his tracks pocking out a bit Iare making him 2 1/2 cm. similer to the picture below:

User-inserted image

Thanks for all help with Wall-e.

see ya, Phoebe

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Hi Phoebe!

Welcome to the EZ-B Forum. There's lots of experienced friendly people here, so if you have a question feel free to ask. The Wall-e you are making sounds really cool, I hope you'll have lots of fun building it.:)



Welcome to the group Phoebe! It is fantastic to see someone your age really interested in robots, and the work you have already done (with your dad) on your Wall-e is amazing.

United Kingdom

Hi Phoebe,

Did you download the hello Dolly music that Wall.e listens to in his container? Could you post a link to where you found it please? All of the ones I have found so far have been low quality or simply the wrong ones!


A big Welcome from the UK too :D




Phoebe has gone to bed and will answer you tomorrow after school, but I do know she has good news for you.


United Kingdom

Gone to bed? But, but its only 11.00 am! :D

No problem, I have added a link in my project page if you fancy looking at them.




Hi Darren,

Yes I have downloaded the 'Hello Dolly' music that wall-e likes

It only takes a moment and this one

put on your sunday cloths

I'm not sure if these are the right songs but there the closest I can find. I'm going to rip all the audio of the wall-e video just haven't had time yet. Well see you I have to go now it's 10 PM my dads telling me to go to bed.

Here are some pictures of the miniature wall-e I'm making (he's not finished yet):

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

see ya Phoebe


I have a very hard time working on small things so I find this amazing ! Really !:) J.W.

United Kingdom

Thanks Phoebe,

I will get them downloaded later :D

Nice job on your mini Wall.e! Way too small for my sausage fingers, hope you post a picture of the finished job.




Welcome Phoebe!

Very cool to see the younger generation taking an interest in actually building things! Your mini wall-e is looking great! Can't wait to see what you and your dad do with the Wall-A.