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Hi I'm The New Guy In The Office :)

Hi everyone I'm Varij. I am studying at University of Waterloo doing Mechatronics Engineering and I'm working at ezrobot for my work term:)


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Hi stranger! I think you'll find the forum-goers quite friendly. Stay a while! :)
nice to meet you Varij:)
Hi Varij, I know you will enjoy yourself while picking up valuable robotic experience. What robot do you plan on developing your engineering skills ?;)
Right now he's developing his Doctor Who Pinball skills;)

User-inserted image
So he is a time lord?

Waterloo? You're from my neck of the woods.... You're a long way from home...:)
You're from Waterloo too? So am I! :)
Yeah I'm a time Lord :-P and Robot-doc I plan on learning some programming skills to do with these robots :-)
There is a lot of people from that area on the forum...
United Kingdom
Welcome to you Varij, good luck with the learning, you are in good hands