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Hi From Louisville, Ky!

Hi everyone, my name is Wayne and I am from Louisville, KY with my wife and 3 daughters. I work as IT guy for a financial company (mainly doing network maintenance, but some software development, etc.). I was trained as an engineer at the University Of Louisville Speed School Of Engineering and studied application development at Sullivan University. I am an avid electronics hobbyist (mainly with DIY Audio - building hi-end amplifiers and such) and collect and repair "old School" video games, such as Galaga, Tempest, Space Invaders and others. If you are interested in seeing some of my hobby stuff, you can check out my Facebook pics.

I have been into robots ever since I was a kid - science fiction robots, Disney Epcot robots, Lego robots - you name it, I probably checked it out. I have been involved in some local maker stuff and taught some Lego NXT courses, but now I am ready to build my own! I purchased and have been playing with the EZ-Robot kit for about a week now and am very excited to get something going. I have alos been checking out some of the uber cool stuff that a lot of you guys have been posting in the forums.

My primary goal is build something along the lines of the Heathkit/Whitebox robotics models- at least that size of bot anyway. I have been gathering parts and materials for a few weeks and can't wait to get started, but I have questions that I will save for the appropriate forum topics.
Thanks to all the fine folks at EZ-Robot and its members for the inspiration and ingenuity.


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Welcome Wayne! There are lots of nice folks here always willing to help. Good luck and post pics, we love pics...and videos!