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Hero 1 Parts

Hi all

I didn't think I'd be gone for long after selling my EZ v3 and toys. Right now I'm implementing Arduino's on the farm to monitor and run the greenhouse.

I just ordered a v4 kit and am going to put it on an old Hero 1 Chassis. Would anybody be interested in the old guts that came out of the hero? I've got all boards, wiring harness, memory expansion, upgrades and the extra ROMs also. If interested just shoot me an offer or I'm up to trading too. I would rather get rid them all at once rather than piece it out. I can certainly make a better deal than folks who have them on ebay now.

Take care!



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United Kingdom
Do you still have any hero 1 parts ?
Sorry. Traded them off.
United Kingdom
Thanks for your reply, I have a rebuild from scratch and need the three chassis aluminium panels and the door to complete it, if you here of anyone , would you let me know, or do you have dimensions of the panels ?