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Help With Power

Im wondering what kind of 12v batteries to get and to help my understanding id like some help understand the amps.

My motors use a current of 1.4A ( 20 of them ) and the battery I'm looking at says 12Ah.

I'm also going to be using it to connect the EZ controller.

Can some one help explain what this means please.

I was also going to add a solar charger to it like
this tohelp keep it topped up a little.

Thanks Again


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United Kingdom
Your motors will pull 20x1.4a so 28a (if my mental arithmetic is right), round it up to 30 to cover other things plugged in too... The battery will last less than half an hour on full load (12/28 hours). You may find the battery can't supply enough current...
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is there any way to se multiple batteries linked together to help increase the Ah
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Yes, parallel the batteries to increase the capacity/current.

Something pulling that much would be better suited with something like a 72Ah 12V car battery IMHO.

I didn't look at the solar link but can only assume it needs a lot of panels to generate anything worthwhile.
United Kingdom
its a solar powered booster for a car battery to keep it charged
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I just took a look, it's only 2.4W which at 12v is 0.2A (I=P/V), that basically brings the 28A load down to 27.8A, you would need 140 of them to cope with the whole load, 70 for half load, 35 for quarter load... you get the idea.

Charging while inactive, if it's a 12Ah battery it would take 60 hours to charge it...
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I see I understand now. Well thanks for clearing that up. Thought it was too much to be true