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Help With Inmoov Project And Ez Robot Selection

Hi guys!

a little introduction about me.

last year our daughter Faye was born so project inmoov came to a hold. short nights and we moved to a new and bigger house.

at the moment i am ready to resume the build!

i have printed almost the FULL inmoov (exept one leg) wrist and hands are fully working. now its time to add the rest of the electronics and bring it to life.

before our daughter was born i was playing a lot with MRL. nice program but very limited.

after installing the latest version it keeps crashing. i noticed most of the inmoov builders are switched to EZ.

so here is my question. i installed EZ software to do some test and start learning the software. best would be a project to start with and test components WHILE adding the electronics

is there some of you guys who is willing to share his inmoov project? and what EZ-B versions are you using?

With kind regards Robbert Loos

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Hi Robbert, welcome. The photos look great.

I started my Inmoov last spring and finished to the current state by November. I hated mrl and found ez-robot to be so easy to learn and use. I use 1 EZb4 mounted in the head and 2 ioTiny, one in each arm. Here is link to my project showcase.

There is a good community here so help will be easy to get. Tony


WELCOME to the Forum Robbert! Congrats on your new child, your new house and your robot build! :D


Haha thnx Perry

I allready found it yesterday. A big thumbs up! Am gonna use your project to test and build mine. What ez modules are you using?


The ezb is running and the first Servos are added. The head is fully up and running.

But to be honest I am pretty underwhelmed by the options. Voice recognition. Chatbots. Timeline programming. AI. Reverse aiml. And the camera is pretty low quality. It needs perfect lighting to be useful.

Hope this will improve soon


Underwhelmed.? What were you expecting?


I used to work with mrl. Mrl has way more intelligent features. But gestures are harder to program. That's the reason I wanted to switch over to ez. More user friendly interface. Looking at the videos i saw online it seems it was capable of good face and speech recognition.

For me this is very important.

I tried additional plugins for pandorabots. This works fine. But needs an internet connection. An offline chatbot (best with reverse aiml) would be perfect.

But then I hit the next wall, there is no speech recognition plugin. (Free and/or offline)

This makes the chatbot again pretty useless


Once you fully learn ez robot... MRL will look seriously inferior


Hi Scanlight, My experience with MRL was not a good one. I could not get many of the 'advanced features' to work and spent way too much time waiting to get bad advice from their shoutbox. I have not burned a servo since moving to EZR. But I am not an EZR salesman so do not expect too much of that from me.

EZR has an offline AIML chatbot. You can use that. In my opinion it is not as good as the version MRL has as they are AIML2 and this plugin is limited to AIML1 as is the Pandorabot plugin.

You seem to want a bot that can work without the internet. Can I ask why? Everything from light bulbs to refrigerators to cars are interconnected. Why should a robot not be? I could not run MRL while not connected to the internet. EZR makes this really simple. ANy really good service now a days is cloud based. Why not let Google and MS do the computational work for you? It is free.

Camera and face tracking. You are right here. EZR services are pretty bad at it and the camera is pretty much non functional unless you have production level lighting. THat is frustrating for me. I had to dump the EZR camera and use a USB webcam. At least that only cost me $15. It does diminish the simplicity of the system though.

EZR crushes MRL for gestures and robot control though. THis is where they shine. The other clear advantage is that a novice can implement all functionality that MRL has pretty much by themselves. Click and add controls graphically right there. No need to go to GIT and compile software. I wouldn't even know how to do that. But I don't have to now. EZR does all that for me.

EZR and MRL have advantages in various areas. I recommend that you spend a bit of time checking it out and working with it. You will find work arounds where needed as you did with MRL.