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Help Us Find World Records To Break With Robots

Just like the title implies, help me research and find robotics related records to break. Robotics is still " new" in general and there may be all kinds of records out there. Also come up with ideas for new records if there is a specific catagory that no one has seen. Keep it realistic so we can get EZB and EZ-ROBOT.COM in the records books in 2015. For example - Lego mindstorms holds the world record for solving a Rubix cube puzzle in 3.14 seconds

Could EZ Robot plus a fast PC beat the Lego mindstorm?


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Love this idea! Great thinking @jstarne1


I think you need everyone that has a JD in one area and have them dance to the chicken song. lol


Ok so that's the first one , Most humanoid robots in one area doing the chicken dance.