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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Help Rich From The Uk


Someone told me you have a library of the older EZB versions.

I need the most current that will run on XP.

I would be very greatfull as I have been for your help on my last project.




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United Kingdom
You need version 2013.12.01.00

However please note that there will be no support for this version, it will be missing some controls and script commands, the script syntax has changed dramatically since this too, the cloud will not work and there will be some bugs in the software remaining amongst other things.

It is strongly advised to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8 and run the latest version of ARC.

I appreciate the software as well as the advice on this. I am kind of stuck with this laptop for this project so that's why the older release plus I am still using a V3 Board.

In an unrelated question do you know how to use the Nun chuck stick for the movement controls with the Wii Mote ?
United Kingdom
That's fair enough, I just like to explain the limitations, more so for new people who are unaware and may stumble upon this topic.

Never used, nor do I intend to use the Wii Mote at all. That said, I believe it's been asked before and the answer was that you can't.
So Rich what kind of remote / Controller do you use ?
United Kingdom
I don't;)

Melvin is autonomous.
I plan for Wall-E to be the same.
If you could use the newer software you could make a control interface for your android phone but alas, you are in a specific situation and that isn't an option.

I've used an XBox 360 wireless controller a couple of times. It requires an adapter for your PC to connect to it. It has a few quirks but it works OK. I got the adapter off of ebay for $7-$8 (USD) and although I had a controller already I happened to score one at a rummage sale for 1 dollar:)

Hope that helps.