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Help Finding An Omnibot 2000

Hey all,

I'm trying to find a omnibot 2000 for my husbands Xmas. I must admit I don't know much about them- just that my husband has another omnibot which he loves and would love a 2000. I've seen a few on ebay for around 300 which is kinda out my price range. There's another one in the states for cheaper but it's arm is hanging off. I'm not looking for ones that's working or even in particularly good condition but since it's a present id like all it's parts to be attached:) Any tips on where to look would be great. Also how rare are they, do they come up on ebay regularly?



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£300 is a good price for a 2000.

Expect to pay upwards of £500 for a good condition fully working example. Expect to pay a minimum of £250 for one in any condition (dirty, falling apart, incomplete). This doesn't include "collection only", I generally avoid those.

You may be able to find one for less than £200 but it will be collect only and it will most likely be missing the tray, battery, remote and/or other parts which personally I'd want it to come with.

I've been looking for a low priced 2000 for two years. They come up on ebay occasionally however have become more and more rare over the last 12 months and when they do come up the price is always getting higher and higher.

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Both of those links work out at more than £300 before shipping and duty. £300 is out of the OP's price range.

Here is the ebay link to current auctions. Currently there are two available, one at £400 (collect only) and one at £300 plus £20 shipping.

Here is the list of completed and sold Omnibot 2000s. They should give a rough idea on current price trends however note that one or two of them did sell for rather cheap (I wish I had seen them!)

You may want to add "Omnibot 2000" as a saved search in ebay, you will receive email updates which help out too.

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Thanks guys.

I offered £200 on one of the ones on ebay and they accepted! Husband is going to be very happy!



I am looking for an Omnibot 2000 too for X-Mas.

Is there someone who can help me?

Would be very great! (:

Thank you so much!