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Help! Camera Won't Start!

So, after I'd connected to my robot I pressed the start button on the camera device but, nothing happened. I'd checked my robot and it was all right. I just can't find the problem. What is it and what should I do?

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It seems you have an EZ-Robot Roli Rover as selected in this post. 

Have you checked the manufacturer's website for their manual on using the product? Which is here for Roli: https://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/131?courseId=3

Follow the manual on how to use their product (I even star in some of the robot program episodes, sorry in advance HAHA). If you have problems with their product, contact support on their website.

If there's software programming questions with Synthiam ARC on your PC, then you can reach us here :). But for hardware product questions, you'll get the answer from the manufacturer.
I actually just deleted the camera control device and reinsert it in my project. I guess it was just too old.
Great to hear!

It might have also been the IP address in the camera control. It’ll have to be the same address as the robot.:) have fun!