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Hello World!

Hello World - 7:30 am Friday (GMT)

As you are aware, the EZ-Robot Complete Kit is in high demand. We launched our product in May of 2011 - since then, we have made new friends to develop a great robot community. The recent media response was unexpected and a great surprise to us! Our goal to make advanced robotics accessible to everyone is becoming a reality!

As our website says, we ship worldwide! We have already shipped to all corners of the world! If only we could travel where our robot kits go - Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, China, Israel, UK, Jamaica, Brazil, Hawaii, and even some countries we've never heard of. Where is Tonga anyway? Google informed me that it is indeed not a dance move - it is a beautiful country comprising of 176 islands and 1 EZ-Robot Complete Kit.

On that note, visit www.ez-robot.com/shop and order your EZ-Robot Complete Kit. I'm personally looking forward to seeing your robot creations on our Community Forum!

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Happy Building!
DJ Sures:)


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