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Heavy Duty Servo For Jd


I am very interested in printing out the bi-pedal robot JD in the new update

I currently only have the servos from the kit + 1 mini servo and 2 additional standard servos.

In the build instructions it shows JD needing Heavy duty servos. Will the servos that come with the kit work for this?

Will these servos work?

Amazon Hi-Tec Deluxe Servo

If not which heavy duty servo would you recommend? Unfortunately I would prefer recommendations from sites that ship within the US (preferably Amazon) so I don't have to pay huge shipping costs.



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Also with the Example Project for JD Bi-pedal robot, there is no movement panel. How do you make JD move forward?
@DJ I have a recommendation. Maybe create a mechanical part list in addition to the 3D print part list so users can easily buy the necessary additional servos and sensors that don't come with the kit, to build the robot.

What are the model numbers of the servos that are in the EZ-Robot store. I would just buy from EZ-Robot but shipping is $28 and I would have to pay customs! I want to buy from US distributor so I need to know what model of servos to get... I wanna make JD!

Also why does JD only use mini servos for the shoulders? To raise the arm from the shoulders it would have to lift 2 heavy duty metal servos! I don't get this, I would assume the servos in the body of JD would need to be heavy duty....

Also I don't get the arms. There are 2 heavy duty servos but the one on the very end of the arm, does it do anything? Are you supposed to add a hand to it? How do the servos in the arm correspond to the movement?