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Header Pin Questions.

Hey everybody. I have a some bread boards and an arduino uno and they all have female socket headers as to where the EZ has male headers. I have some jumper wires that I use with the other stuff and I would like to do the stuff with the EZB.

Is there a connector or socket cover or something.

Can I just pull the pins out of one of these then "cap" the ports I want to use jumper wires on and plug into it? 0.100" (2.54 mm) Female Header: 1x3-Pin, Straight

Or could I get these and "cap" the ports I want. 50PCS Mini Micro Jumper for 2.54mm Male Pin Header For Arduino

I don't want to do any soldering at this stage so I like the plugability of the bread boards and would like to use them.

I appreciate any input anyone might have on this subject.


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I always use male & female jumper wires, using a combination of both to convert arduino/breadboard to EZ-B.

These things

Is that what you're after?


@Rich - Close. I have jumpers. I need a jumper that has male on one side for the bread board and female on the other side for the EZB. Also looking to stay cheap. I was hoping there was an adapter or jumper or something I could put on the EZB pins to convert them from male to female.

Like a socket or something. Looking around, alot of "female" ends are just male ends with housings around them but they are still just another set of pins. I need holes not pins. Thanks for the suggestion.


Look again at the item Rich linked to. It has female to female and male to male jumpers. Combine one of each, and you have a male to female jumper.


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Yes, combine one of each for a male to female. Or you can use the pin from a pin header to convert a socket to a pin (although sometimes it can be a little too short depending on what it's going in to).

Or, convert the breadboard from female to male with a strip of pin header rather than try to find a male to female gender changing thingy:) And use female to female jumper wires.


Ah, I see it now. I was just looking too hard at the issue. I was more focused on finding a way to convert the male pins on the EZB into female sockets/holes. I found these in the link. They will connect my EZB to a breadboard just fine.

40pcsĂ—20cm 2.54MM Male to Female Dupont Wire Jumper Cables For Arduino Shield

I'm going to mark this thread resolved but I have another question. In regards to the header that I posted in the first link in my first post. Because I'm not familiar with how the headers are constructed, I'd still like to know if I could pull the pins out of one and use it as a female/female pin extender. Are they basically solid tubes that run through with pins inserted to one side or are the pins mounted is some other way.

Sorry to harp on this but I think it would be handy to have a simple conversion "cap" to just slip on top of the EZB. I think it could possibly eliminate some clutter as well as keep the connection basically still at the board as opposed to in the middle of the 2 wires.

Thanks again guys, I appreciate your help. @Rich sorry I wasn't picking up what you were putting down.;)

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Those jumpers are what I've been using (along with the socket to socket ones), they work very well.

The headers in your first link are not female to female, they are a female header, the other end are male pins that fit 0.1" spacings on protoboard or similar. This would only extend the length of the pins on the EZ-B. I've not come across any female to female header converters in my time, that doesn't mean they don't exist but they aren't common.


@Rich So I couldn't just pull the pins out of one of those and make it a male to female converter/adapter if you will. By that I mean turning the pins into sockets. Thanks for your input.:)

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No, not with those.


OK. It was worth a shot. Thanks again @Rich, your expertise is always appreciated.