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Hbridge Pwm Control Panel

I tested Hbridge PWM control panel. I don't understand why , when you start ezb and give a command (for example, forward) the motors do not turn at all, and you need to move the PWM sliders in some way to activate them.
And, if you use arrow keys, and then the pwm sliders, the Arrow Keys are disabled. I expected that sliders were independant of other functions, and could be used, and saved, if necessary to a chosen value, without affecting other functions.
Am I untrained and unable to use correctly this control ?


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Please use an init script during connection to specify the desired pwm when connection. That is proper programming technique.
what about Arrow Keys ? when they're enabled , if you move the pwm sliders, Arrow Keys work no more, and you have to click again to restore them.
It's normal ?
Ezrobot is not responsible for the behaviors of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The arrow keys work on most computer, and I cannot be certain of the reason they don't work on yours.
Please let me know what script I should write and where, to have Pwm signals at the pins when I start my project. I have no signal at the pins, unless I move sliders in some way.
You bet! There are detailed instructions to specify the Speed (PWM) parameter for initialization on the HBridge PWM manual page, located here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=192

Select that link, or press the ? (question mark) next to the X (close) on the HBridge control to view the manual page. Each control has it's own manual page by pressing the ? (question mark).

The section in the manual that is relevant to your question is titled "Initialization Code"

Let me know if you have any further questions regarding initializing the PWM when the EZ-B connects:D
Sorry, DJ. No more about this.
I'm exploring everything in the ez world. I need a lot of information.
I promise I'll ask for information only if I don't find in tutorials what I'm looking for...
It's okay:D Do not worry - you're doing great! Let me know if my response was useful.
i t was useful. Now it works.
I'm new in ez world, and tutorials aren't always sufficiently detailed for me.
I come from a different environment (Basic and/or assembler in embedded MCUs) . I haven't yet an EZ mind.
For example, I go mad seeing I have to be careful even writing simple code, because it might flood the system ,or make it very slow.
It's always something new to learn when advancing technology:)

The difference between programming on a micro and controlling a micro remotely are incredibly opposite. It's not the same approach, as you are learning.

The micro is great for incredibly simple repeating tasks - and may compliment the v4. However, they don't provide the processing cal ability for vision, audio, etc.. And the most important being a graphic UI for realtime control and modification. That's why you see advanced robotics being controlled by computers as well. There's a nice writeup in the explore section of the website regarding this approach.

Anyway, don't feel bad for asking so many questions. Most people who are using ezrobot do not have micro background so they don't have a previous mindset. Most are learning from scratch or have experience developing in user operating system environments.

So, to summarize... Keep rocking what you're doing and you'll be an expert helping others and making ezcredit soon enough
By the way, how to eliminate those unwanted windows appearing when starting EZb (i.e mounting instructions for some robot, fine tune for servos, tutorials for robots I don't have , etc.? I have to skip or close them every time.
@ leonardo46, Go to Option tab, then preference, enable disable what you want or don't want.
User-inserted image
Thank you, merne. But I can't eliminate : open assembly instructions.
I eliminated everything in option/prefereces, but that is still there.
When you open the blank project and set your preferences did you close and save The blank project ?
I managed eliminating what can be specified in option/preferences.
My project was made modifying JD robot project, and I always have" open assembly instructions ? " for JD robot. How to avoid this ?
In options/preferences there's nothing for that.
It's a checkbox in the assembly instructions Introduction page.
I unchecked where you said, but it's still there !