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Hazbot, Some Help For You... Maybe

Hello,My friend!

I found that if I open ARC,

and then goto Settings or config or whatever it is you see when you open it. On the right there are EZScript Functions. There is a search bar on the top right hand section. I did a search for GOTO and I got an explanation of the function. Simply search. As hoolagen1 had said previously on the matter, Your search engine is your best friend.

I found the answers to the questions I had. I forgot about that 'til I was reminded.

Hope that this helped.


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Thanks Mel, I know what you are referring to and have used it. It frustrates me that we have to search for things that go together : others on the web agree the script help is a mess - it's all over the shop and there are no examples of how you can link them together. What I was after, probably like many of us that invested in ARC and finished our robots like Bob, was simply 5 or 10 good examples of what can be achieved by stringing together some script using ARC.

We built our robots by mixing and matching materials and components to form a robot. The same could be done with the software side because DJ made it so simple - for instance

(fake example) Example: Robot does various dance moves then calls out for applause : script needed would be XXX followed by a command control text of XXX. Robot would need 2 continuous servos, trigger sound board and speaker.

I've now given up on this subject. What I'm doing now is spending most of my spare time over in ARC plucking out things that go together and forming my own version of what I'm talking about. To help people like you I will then upload them to the cloud. I feel a bit used EZ-ROBOTS (if you know what I mean) by doing this but they tell me they are too busy doing stuff 12 hours a day...bla bla bla.

I have posted a few examples already but they are primitive and don't have good notepad explanations so I'm working on that side with my son Austin.

Cheers Mate, we will get there




What I have been working on seems forever. and I don't think I word my questions right so they understand what I need. D.J. provides a GREAT deal of Stuff for FREE. Most places you get the board and you don't get any support except maybe sometimes on the hardware. But, He has broken the boundaries and I see his dream. He has come a Very, Very long way in a couple of years.

Anyway, what I was trying to tell you is I am trying to make a script that would be something like:

After turning on power, ezb connects up and calls the main script. Main Script- initializes and calls speech Rec. Speech Rec announces that it is in the chat mode. it has many if such and such goto blablabla, etc. In the chat mode, it halts all motion and leaves the eyes and ears on. It is listening for commands. It has several options that allow it to: go into Security Mode where it is a security guard. go into Explore mode where it only listens for commands while it navigates autonomously. While it is in the Explore Mode, it does not run into objects. It has a little subroutine that gives it a confidence level. The Confidence level increases or decreases as it sees objects in front of it. for instance, if it runs into a wall the confidence level is decreased. But, it if goes straight for a long time, the CL is increased. By doing this, it can navigate intelligently. go into Find the Red ball Mode where it searches for the Red ball. And, of course in the Sound Rec script we can call up the news, weather, etc.

Now, for each little script window. When it get's through doing it's job, I want it to RETURN to the chat mode so I can select another Activity or Shut it down. But, i need it to RETURN to the original script where it was and that doesn't seem to be possible for me so far.

If you have any ideas, please let me know.




That's fabulous Mel, your request is exactly what I'm trying to alleviate, but the journey for me to learn which blocks of script to use and how they fit together using EZ-Build is going to be a long one for me.

For quite some time I am going to be the Dark Knight of EZ-Build, learning what I can and then formulating them into script examples but that is going to take Months. like you and most folks I am time poor which is why I chose this way to go rather than Lego Mindstorm. Please don't get me wrong about DJ - I'm certain he's not in this just to flog his boards and forget the rest. I think he's so full on with the toy robot conversion end of the business that he has overlooked the importance of balance with the script end of the scale. I always promote EZ-ROBOTS and as I type this my 44 year old brother Dean (electrical engineer) is using DJ's board to build the most incredible robot arm and hand you will see. But even Dean is'nt big on code or the EZ_BUILD script. Anyway, enough drum beating. I'll probably catch you in discussion on your request in the EZ-Build section. Anything I can find of value I will pass on.

Cheers Mel..


Hold that thought...DJ has just put up a really good software script video tutorial section - maybe I hit a nerve but it's great, at last he's putting up exactly what I've been saying we've been missing and I'm sure there's more to come..amazing