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Have Two Ez-B V4s One Shows Up On My Wifi List And The Other One Doesnt

Hi, This is my first post so glad to be here. I have a peculiar problem. I'm trying to get going with my EZ-B v4 and I'm noticing that one of my EZ-B's wifi name shows up in my list without any issues but the other one will show up and than disappear and doesn't come back. I also noticed that it does show up in my wifi listing on my Iphone so I know I can get to it but I would just like to be able to get to it via my PC. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks

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Nevermind. I rebooted a few more times and it seems to work. But the odd thing is I rebooted twice and it was not working. I may need to check deeper on an interrupts or something firewall related. Thanks to myself :D


There are a few things this could be. A couple guys here are real good at network issues like this. Dave C and Alan are usually ready with good answers. If they don't pop in to help do a search on WIFI on this forum and pay attention to answers and suggsstions they have helped with.

In the mean time go into your router's web based program. In the DHCP section you should be able to assign each EZB it's own static IP address. That way each time the EZB hooks up to it the router will recognize it's MAC address and give it the same IP number each time.

If you cant do that with your router then it's time to get a newer router.

EDIT: I se you rebooted and you seem to have fixed the problem. I have a bad feeling the problem will continue. I hope not. If the problem continues have a read through this thread. I was having much of the same problems:

Hooking up to two EAB's


Thanks Dave. Well it disappeared again. I will login to my router and try your suggestion and see what happens. I hope this fixes it. More to come....



Your router would not affect the device from displaying in the wifi list. The wifi list only displays wifi signals that are detected. At the point of wifi signal discovery, there is no networking/router/dhcp/firewall involved. The wifi networks that are displayed are merely a signal and this process happens entirely unrelated to the router/firewall/dhcp/etc...

So, on that note... if your PC did not detect the ezb wifi signal, i would assume the wifi adapter in the PC has a buggy driver -or- windows is being windows :). My laptop device driver disconnects from my home network at least 2-3 times a day and requires a reboot. Welcome to Microsoft Windows! This is evidently clear when the WiFi device signal is detected by your iPhone but not Windows. That is evidence that the Windows network adapter and/or network device driver was experiencing a temporary malfunction.

The suggested solution? Power the PC down for 5-10 seconds and power back on. A reboot will only restart the operating system and not the hardware. The only way to restart hardware is to power down the PC.

If you wish to diagnose the scenario further, there is a great wifi scanning app available from the FAQ here:

If you run the WiFiInfo included in that zip file, it will display the wifi signals that the adapter is detecting. See if both of your ezb's are displayed in the WiFi Info program.


Ah, DJ's suggestion makes a lot of sense. Do you have a different computer you can load ARC on and see if there is any change in the issue?

If the issue turns out to be your computer as DJ has suggested it's still a good idea to set Static IP address for your EZB's in your router. That may save you from other problems. ;)


Do not set a static ip address. The WiFi detection is only the signal and has no relationship to static ip addresses or routers.

Please do not make router changes or ip setting changes.

The wifi detection, as previously mentioned, is only the signal. At the point of detecting a signal, there is absolutely no connectivity - which means router/firewall/ip/dhcp/etc have no effect.

Do not change any settings on your computer or firewall. Do not change anything. Do not add static ip address. Do not reboot your router. Do not configure your router. Do not make any changes to anything.

The suggested solution: Power the PC down for 5-10 seconds and power back on. A reboot will only restart the operating system and not the hardware. The only way to restart hardware is to power down the PC.


Thanks DJ. I will try that. I guess what is confusing me is why my first EZ-B shows up consistently every time in my wifi list and iphone wifi list but not the second EZ-B. Trying your suggestions as well as using another windows pc to see if it picks up the EZ-B that my desktop PC doesn't. Will let you know the results shortly. Thanks!


Really DJ? I'm baffled why setting a Static IP address is a bad idea. I was tottly under the impression that this was a good thing and at the least not harmful. I'll stop giving that advice if it's harmful or would cause problems. Please explain. It's true I'm not all that good at network but I've never had problems with assigning static IP address to EZB in my router. Maybe I should clear my settings in my router. confused


Dave - as per my original response, the WiFi list is the detection of the wifi signal.

If you click on your wifi list, you will see WifI networks. When you are viewing those networks, there is no connection to them. There is absolutely no connection occurring to those networks to view their signal.

Just like you can see things in the room in front of you - doesn't mean you are feeling or eating or tasting all those things. You are merely seeing them with your eyes.

The display of WiFi networks is a display of the wifi signals only. There is no connection to them. Without a connection, there is no ip address. And without an ip address, there is no router. And with no router, there is no firewall.... etc

What ever you do... do not make any changes to absolutely anything. The only thing that is happening is your wifi adapter on that windows PC is having issues detecting some wifi signals. There is absolutely nothing you can do to change that other than power down.

Dave, this individual's post has absolutely nothing to do with anything you have experienced. Please do not change your settings Dave. This has zero relation to static ip addresses because there is no connection to even have an ip address. You can have static ip addresses, that's fine - but it has absolutely nothing to do with this conversation because there is no network connection to even have an ip address, let alone static.

The suggested solution for this individual's experience: Power the PC down for 5-10 seconds and power back on. A reboot will only restart the operating system and not the hardware. The only way to restart hardware is to power down the PC.


OK, Understood. Thanks for clearing that up. I understand now I made a suggestion that has nothing to do with the solution of the OP's problem. I'll stand down and from now on I'll try to keep on subject. Sometimes I get a bit scattered and try to do too much. Thanks for the guidance.

Good luck arkofthecovenant. Your very lucky to have DJ's assistance. Not too many CEO's give this level of personal care of their customers. ;)


Thanks for all the help guys. The power down resolved the issue. I will keep this in my back pocket for when this raises it's head again. I also reseated the wifi card as well. Probably wasn't necessary but surely didn't hurt anything. You are correct Dave in the one on one communication with DJ. I was referrred to EZ-Robot from someone for this exact reason. I've had my two EZ-B's since Nov and just now settling down into using them for my robot project. Have alot to learn in terms of becoming proficient with the code but won't take long :) . Thanks for the resolution to my problem.


Well I spoke to soon. I started to try and get some things going this morning and even after several complete power downs. None of my two EZ-B's are showing up in my Wifi list. So I'm just going to purchase a new wifi adapter card and call it dead as that has to be the issue based on how DJ explained the wifi process. I've spun my wheels long enough. Thanks.