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Harvey To Container Crop Robot , And How This Relates To Ez Robot

I found this on Netflix and I thought these guys were really cool. They move plants from one area to another during their life cycle which would be back breaking repetitive work for a human. This robot doesn't use ezb or any branded platform but what I noticed were two fundamental things. Method of operation and cost to build. Turns out they are 30,000 dollar each to purchase wow! When you watch what they do , they know their work area based on the neon yellow tape so changing work area is easy and they go back and forth picking up a plant then placing them one after another in even rows. Watching them work I realized how EZ robot could easily improve this or even mimic the same exact functions for around 1000 to 2000 dollars because ezb can do so much. Since one PC can run several robots it costs down on the cost of having on board cup and the additional charging intervals because of that power use. I look at these robot products and say to myself..... Hey ez robot board could do that! Anyways here is a pic and link to the article.


User-inserted image

You can see how ez robot could improve these kinds of robots and significantly reduce the cost so that a individual could have their own and companies could save oodles of money. I find things like this interesting because i for one am an advocate of the product being used for more than just entertainment but also a useful purpose.


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