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H Bridge Pwm Movement Control

This question is about the HBridge PWM Movement Control on the most recent version of ARC software. I have a Roli and have determined that the FWD AFT LEFT RIGHT Arrows function as they should but the "Speed Sliders" do not. Specifically the Speed Sliders operate the opposite track. When the LEFT slider is moved the Right Track speed changes. When the Right slider is moved the Left Track speed changes. Again the track motors move properly when the FWD AFT LEFT RIGHT Arrows are pressed. Seems like a software bug but I am too new to this to say. Can someone else pull up the software and try it out? Thankyou Jack


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Swap the wires connected to D0 and D5. They are the PWM pins, which control speed.



Thank you Alan. I swapped the wires and Speed Sliders work as they should. Just got my Roli today and sure appreciate your helpfulness.

Note to DJ. It appears the color wire noted in the assembly for D0 and D5 need to be reversed for correct Speed Slider function. Also in my T-shooting of this problem I opened up the body of Roli to check the internal HBridge wiring. The note to make certain the " White Button should be pushed down" is incorrect. This white button needs to be up or released to allow the HBridge to work.

Thanks for a great platform to pursue robotics! Jack