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Gunslinger Bob For Sale

Due to personal reasons I am forced to sell off my robots. Here is Gunslinger Bob. He is a modified omnibot with a rad head. He has an airsoft machine gun and nerf cannon for arms. He has been mounted onto a Henlong 1/16 scale tank for a drive section and has a large bearing for rotation at the waist.

He is not finished, but nearly so. Really just needs final assembly. He comes with the EZ-USB camera and receiver, version 3 EZ-B board, step up/down voltage regulator, 3.3v voltage regulator, motor controller, drive motors/tracks, all servos for arms, waist rotation, etc., rear facing sonar, laser sight for machine gun, extended cables/antennas for both the camera and the EZ-B to improve inside control. I will also throw in extra parts and pieces I have lying around. You can view his build sequence here:
Bob's Build

If interested, you will pay actual shipping costs. Because he comes with a complete EZ-B and Camera, I am asking $150.00 plus shipping. You won't be disappointed.

Please contact for details - bret.tallent@gmail.com


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