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Guess What The Orange Arm Is For In This Picture

Guess what is going to be made out of the orange arm in this picture.
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That is great! Well, the plan is for it to be a large 3D printer. It should be able to print some pretty large items.
@d.cochran - that's awesome. Will it still use a plastic substrate or some other material?

In my industry magazines they are all over 3D wood printing using a wood particle based substrate.

I've also seen that they've used concrete for 3D printed items and plans to print houses.(discovery channel)
Yep. There are plans to build an extruder also to make the fillament for it. Looks like a really fun project to be a part of. I will post about it while when the project starts.
Wow! Super cool. I had to reply because I most definitely want to know when this thread gets updates. @Steve1DH- I believe the wood filament is called laywoo-d3. I see it called laywood pretty often over at Soliforums. I haven't seen the concrete 3d printing yet. I'll have to check that out. Discovery channel rulez.