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United Kingdom
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Grid-Eye Sensor

The Panasonic Grid-EYE is an 8 x 8 (64) pixel infrared array and looks to be a great sensor for robotics here is a jpeg of the (PIC based) demo prototype that I built to evaluate the sensor with a miniature OLED colour display.

User-inserted image

I am seriously considering adding this device to the ALTAIR robots.

I know PTP is also working on the AMG88 but I am not sure how far he has got with it.



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Nice work !

I'll be in London next week, so it's a great opportunity to see your work and share knowledge.
We've had a chance to play around with it a bit ourselves, it's a pretty neat little sensor. If you're looking to fool around with one, I'd recommend getting the breakout board version, it's a little easier to use since it has all the supporting components + an FTDI and USB mini-b connector for a serial interface to the windows demo software.

User-inserted image

Digikey Link
United Kingdom
Jeremie, I must have missed that eval board! I not sure digikey sells here in the U.K. but it is not a problem as we wanted to know how the AMG88 works so it was a good exercise to write some PIC code to make an efficient sub-processor for the EZB V4.

Tiago, I am looking forward to meeting a fellow EZ-Robot user/contributor from over the pond next week!

I got this Panasonic evaluation kit :

User-inserted image

same price as the DigiKey eval board, but more hardware.

The sensor costs 1/3 of the Evaluation boards.

The sensor uses I2C and needs only a few extra components, unfortunately is a surface mount component, and there is no one selling a simple kit PCB + Sensor.

So i end up buying the evaluation kit, with all the extra addons, maybe later i'll do a PCB and i'll try surface soldering (I'll try)
United Kingdom
Tiago, I have tried to order another few AMG88 sensors from Farnell so that I could get more SMT soldered (to DIL adapters) , but Farnell will not now sell them to anyone in the UK without having the approval of Panasonic in Japan! This is nuts as I have already bought these from Farnell in the past with no problems!


I was looking for someone who has experience with the grid eye.
I have already a prototype running with a amg 8851 ( 5v high gain).
And established a communication between the grid eye and a pic16f1518 using i2c.

For the thermistor value a receive a raw value of : 0x1e0 x 0.0625 = 30
but for the temperature (pixel 1to64) a receive values around 0x9ae and 0xAf0
if a try to calculate the temp with 2complement a got result far away from it supposed to be and that should be room temp.

Are the received values from the pixel temp register normal and am doing wrong calculations?.

can someone help me about this issue?.

best regards,

Interesting, I was already looking at a company that sells addon thermal cam for Apple iphones and Android phones to use for robot vision but is only a cam with no intelligence until they develope apps to download.so this seems like something that a PC could use with robotic programs,I assume it is similar to a thermal cam but just not as high quality in video? I am also considering buying the EZ b camera as I think it could be able to recognize fire but not really heat ranges like a warm human hand,it is just able to see color and shapes I think but that is a good start for robo vision.