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Gps Accuracy

I want to use the GPS mod (VK-162 GPS Module with SIRF3 Ceramic Antenna TTL/USB Signal) that DJ recommends for my robot. What I want to do is select certain places around my property for the robot to go. If I am working out in my garden and my wife tells JAC (Just Another Cyborg) to take me a beer out to the garden, he will know where the garden is. I know this is a big item on my wish list but I was wondering if this is possible.

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There are a lot of variables that effect GPS accuracy, but outside, with a relatively clear view of the sky (and at least one view to or near the horizon) you can reliably get 1-3 meters with a Sirf III chip.

Using an old Android phone and an app to use it as a BT GPS, you can get reliable to 1 meter and faster fix because it will augment the GPS signal with cell tower triangulation as well (it does not need to be active on a carrier account to take advantage of cell tower assistance).

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Depending on the GPS, at best I think it is only accurate to 1m some only as accurate as within 10m. Using indoors is always problematic, at least in my experience with phones, sat navs etc.