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Gold Robot Daily Deals , Online Or Local

Hello EZ Robot,
In the spirit of easy progress and utilizing EZ Boards, I made this thread to give everyone a place to post great deals on auctions , internet sales , or even local thrift store finds you would to share. Avoid posting products already sold in the EZ Robot store. Excellent example is rad 1.0 or rad 2.0 , Hero , Androbot, Omnibot, Omnibot 2000, Hearoid, Robie Sr, Buster, B9 lost in space, Ed-209, Dalek, Parrot Drone, AR Drone, Bridgestone Rover, Wowwee Robosapien, Wowwee Roboquad, Wowwee Boa ect


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Whole bunch of omnibot 2000
The roobots were sold earlier today for 500 bucks. I think it was a good deal! Did anybody get it?
Here is a Roboscout for 200 bucks (plus shipping) in Florida - in case somebodys looking for one. You can also make an offer - its not really a deal, but since this fellow is kinda rare to find:
Here is an Omnibot 2000 - it might be going cheap: 261134667646
On EBay

Vuzix Corp Wrap 920 VR Bundle #329T00021 $225.00


Omnibot 2000 currently $99.99

It looks like now is the time to snag up a Omnibot 2000! Perfect time. Its past text return season and before the holidays.
JOSH it would be better to add a link instead of pasting the link in the post

Second are you going to buy all those robots LOL