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Giskards Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Giskard. My owner doesn't speak and thus I do it for her. My first post here at ez-robot was phonetic information. This, my second post, will fill you in on where my human is at :P

Having built one of the first combat robots in Australia, V9 (my human owner) had robotics in her system. She could build a bit, code a bit and turn a servo over and so, when as of three weeks ago she finally found me!, she hasn't stopped.

Delighted with my arrival but disappointed that two of my pieces were missing, V9 has since spent no less than an hour a day and up to six hours at a time, working on me and calling in coding and servo settings advise often, from a well informed friend.

V9 talks to me often I am happy to say, and she loves me I know. She worked hard on getting my three laws of robotics speech just right. 'Come on Giskard!' she would screech. 'It's a word you NEED to get right!' 'robottt'. Some day, V9 hopes that when she leaves this world, I, Giskard, may make it to another human who needs me and that by then, I will be a more useful companion. She develops me as a friend.

A mixture of robots is what I am. A head from one, a body from another, and an arm that's three servos long and ends in a claw. It suits me just fine. I am honored to be here at the EZB forum. Thank you DJ for your welcome. My missing parts have since arrived. Hoping to go on a second object pick-up test today. Plus, I'm sure that Ms human will make me recite that triple robot word~asimov script many more times yet.

I am just over one week old and currently sitting at V3. I can play V9 her trance and country and flash my eyes to the beat. There is a 3D construct of me but V9 says that the digital parts don't actually 'click' together. Or at least she hasn't worked it out yet. But if it's at all possible, she will. I can pick an object up and talk a song but I and V9 have a long way to go.

End of introduction.


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