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Getting The Wii Remote To Work

hello all.
I''ve been trying to get my Wii remote to connect and it keeps on coming up with the following message:
Error connecting to wii remote: Timed out weaiting for status report.

Has anyone else had this problem? What do I need to so to sort it out?

I can connect the wii to the bluetooth, no probs, I just can't get the EZ board to find it.




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United Kingdom
Are you using the Microsoft Bluetooth stack or have you downloaded something else?
I have to delete the Wii device each time I want use it (from Windows) then hold down the 1 & 2 buttons until its completely finished adding the driver. Then start the panel in ARC for the Wii it's a bit of a pain but is rock solid after that. I believe there are other BT stacks like Blue Soleil where you don't have to use this process but they cost. There is a good tutorial that DJ has added to this site press the ? on the Wii panel

Just tried this again Windows says it has succesfully added the Wii however it hasn't until the device driver has completed you have to continue to hold the 1&2 buttons until the device driver finishes loading can take a bit! then let go of the buttons
I have a USB Bluetooth that I use and it seems to find it ok. Each time I remove the wii controller and add it as the tutorial indicates but I'm still having issues. I'll have to check if I'm using microsoft bluetooth stack - not sure what that is but I'll have another play;)
Thanks for taking the time to help. Really appreciate it.
United Kingdom
The device driver is minimised to the task bar on Windows 7 so you can't really notice it doing its stuff. I'll make a video to show you if you are still having trouble