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Getting Several Ar Parrot Drone'S To Sync During Flight


I'm interested in syncing several AR Parrot drones to work off one controller as demonstrated in this video.

My question is what combination of hardware / software do I need to make this happen.

Also, is it possible to mod the Parrot to have it receive signal from a 2.4ghz controller rather then wifi. I will be doing this flying outside and wifi will not suffice. Please let me know.

Thank you.


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I have seen a 2.4 ghz conversion kit for the AR Drone, but then EZ-B would not be able to control it. The forums have great discussions of how to extend the WiFi range using repeaters or access points in the field. Now that the Drone 2 can support Infrastructure mode, with each drone having a seperate IP address, the kind of coordination you are talking about is possible. The other thing to look at is the GPS adapter for the drone It allows you to pre-plan routes that can take it out of wifi range and it will still be able to return after completing its flight path.

For ARC, we'll need a new feature to be added to allow specification of the IP address (I requested last night in the 5/29 release notes thread) and since you can only have one Movement Panel in a project, you would probably need to use scripting for everything, but theoretically it is possible.



2.4ghz RC controller's typically use "direct-sequence spread spectrum". This is an entirely different standard than WiFi. It would be similar to comparing Bluetooth and WiFi, they are both 2.4ghz but are different wireless communication standards.