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Asked — Edited

Get Adc Variable Value For Second Board

Hi DJ,

When you get a chance could you place this on your pile of 100's of things to look at?

Could you verify that the following syntax can be used on a second EZ-B board? I cant get it to return a value for my script or see it in the Variable Watch Panel. No matter where I place the "1." in the syntax I either see no value or a 1.0 next to the $adcCurrent:

$adcCurrent = GetADC(adc0)

I can use the syntax: "1.GetADC(adc0)" and get a proper value in the 10's but when I add the "$adcCurrent =" I get the above non value.

I'm useing it in the "Motor and Pot" example script you provide in EZ Builder. The rest of the script seems to be working properly for my second board.

I hope this can someday be answered or addressed as I really dont want to run cables 4 feet to the other end of my robot to the first EZ-B board's ADC ports.

Thanks a bunch,
Dave Schulpius


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It'll be addressed in tomorrow's release:)
Holy cow! I dont know what to say. I've never seen this level of customer service. I'm really impressed. Thank you very much.

Dave Schulpius