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Gearbest.Com 64 Bit Mini Pc With Ez-B V4/2

I am curious if anyone has tried using the EZ-B v4/2 with one of the 64 Bit Windows 10 Mini PC's offered on Gearbest.com. They come equipped with an Intel Atom X5-Z8350 CPU, Bluetooth, WiFi and only need 12 volts DC. I have one with the following specs:

Z83V Mini PC - WINDOWS 10
Model: Z83V
Type: TV Box
System: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Atom X5-Z8350
CPU: Intel Atom X5-Z8350
Core: 2.0GHz
GPU: Intel HD Graphic
RAM Type: DDR3
Max. Extended Capacity: 128G
Decoder Format: H.263,H.264,H.265,HD MPEG4
Photo Format: GIF,JPEG,JPG,PNG
Support 5.1 Surround Sound Output: Yes
5G WiFi: Yes
Bluetooth: Bluetooth4.0
Power Supply: Charge Adapter
Interface: 3.5mm Audio,DC Power Port,HDMI,LAN,Reset Port,SD Card Slot,USB3.0
Language: Multi-language
HDMI Version: 1.4
Other Functions: 3D Games,3D Video,Airplay,ISO Files,Miracast,NTSC
Power Consumption.: 12W
RJ45 Port Speed: 1000M
System Bit: 64Bit
WiFi Chip: AP6234

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I just recently bought that exact computer. It works great with ARC.

Oh that is great! I was worried about it only having 2 GB RAM and was wishing I got the unit with 4 GB.

I have an Omnibot 2000 that I want to install it into along with the EZB 4/2.

Alan, if you open the case on the Z83V you will find an hidden USB port! You can add a 128 GB thumb drive or add a stronger / better WiFi adapter.

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