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Friday Night Chat - Come Join In! March 16Th

Friday Night Chat - Come Join In!

Friday March 16, 2012
9pm EST - Eastern Standard Time
This event repeats every week
where http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Chat

Greetings everyone;

Come join in the group chat and see what other builders are doing. Ask questions and get info about your build or just say hi!

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I'll try to make it ! I did last week:) JW
Last Friday I was on but Wolfie was the only one there. Time Zone change.

By the way, what time zone is everyone in?

EST - Eastern Standard Time
EST but I don't think last time anyone was on during 9pm EST cause I was here and only Wolfie was on
I was there but I am on the west coast so I tuned in at 6:00. But now it is daylight savings and I looked it up and now it should be 6:00 so I must have been an hour late last week.
this time i will not get drunk and forget....